Past Projects

I have been involved with a number of sucessful projects over the years, and I’ve used this page to document them.

The Youth Rail Group

I am the former Manager at a voluntary group called The Youth Rail Group. I started the YRG from scratch to run competitions and events for railway enthusiasts aged 13 to 25 and give them advice and guidance about how to do their hobby safely. Along with my small team we built up a large membership of over 700 young people since launch on May 2nd, 2010. We often received support from train operating companies who donated prizes to our Video Fest competition every November and also helped us with other events from time to time such as Careers Week, where we tried to help young people into rail industry employment. Video Fest featured in RAIL magazine twice and a number of local newspapers.

The unique thing about the group was the exclusive events that I organised. My favourite was a trip to Heathrow Airport. We visited the half-built extension to the Terminal 5 train station (which was planned for a new rail link) as well as the Heathrow Express control centre. Following this, I arranged for airside passes to be issued and we were able to ride the transfer shuttle between Terminal 5’s sattellite terminals. The day ended with a tour of the shuttle’s depot.

The Terminal 5 Shuttle Depot at Heathrow Airport

Although the group closed in late 2017 after operating for seven years, running it gave me experience working in a small team, time management, social media, marketing and website development.

Refill Hailsham

I was the Local Champion for the Refill scheme in the Hailsham area from its launch in July 2019 until October of the same year (when I relocated to Sheffield). The Refill scheme makes tap water readily available to the public in pubs, shops, cafes and more so that they can refill their reusable bottles free of charge. This saves money and helps reduce plastic pollution.

As the Local Champion I managed the social media and press coverage for the Hailsham scheme, signed-up new businesses and supported them, and organised events to spread the word amongst local residents.