Hello, I’m Chris Jeffery

Welcome to my website. I will use this space to link together the various projects I work on as well as provide an online CV.

Let me introduce myself. I’m 27 and currently live in Sheffield (South Yorkshire), but I was brought up in East Sussex. Since about the age of 13 I’ve had an interest in public transport. It started with trains but over time I’ve also developed a passion for buses, aviation and trams. Two aspects of transport interest me. Firstly, the different vehicles I can see, and to me this is no different to someone who’s interested in cars (which is admittedly bit more common). And secondly, I have a passion for travel. I love to visit new places, and explore the country in various ways. Usually this is in cities where I like to visit famous landmarks and eat out, but I do sometimes like to explore the countryside too.

This is me during the Eastbourne Pride parade in 2019.

Many of the videos and articles on this website will be about public transport, but I do have other interests too. I am a keen gamer and enjoy strategy games like Cities Skylines, Prison Architect and Sim Airport. I also like popular multiplayer titles including Grand Theft Auto V, Payday 2 and Formula 1. I’m also a big foodie, and enjoy food with a twist – such as a pizza but with an interesting topping, or a burger but stuffed with something. I like strong flavours, but have never been keen on spicy food.

I was born with a visual impairment which has got steadily worse over the years. I have glaucoma (which is an eye condition where my optic nerve is damaged by the pressure of the fluid inside my eyes), nystagmus (which is involuntary eye movement) and microphthalmia (which is where my eyes are abnormally small). All of these combined mean I have a poor field of vision in my left eye, and have lost the sight in my right eye completely. This means I sometimes find it difficult to access the things I enjoy doing, and this will also feature in my videos and on my blog from time to time. Generally I’m quite independent and don’t like asking for help, but there are some situations (such as in the dark) where I need a little support.